Cartography is an interesting field of study you should know about. It represents the study and practice of making maps, but it goes even farther. It mixes and matches scientific and aesthetic approaches with technical skills. And we can say that studying cartography can be both challenging and rewarding. If you are interested in this field, you should keep on reading this article. Up next, we’ve shared our insights on the top schools that offer cartography as a college major. Let’s see where you can discover the intriguing world of cartography.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) in Indiana, PA

If you enroll in IUP, you will get access to the university’s dedicated department for Geography and Regional Planning. What is even more interesting about IUP is that it offers its students access to the James E. Payne Geographic Information Systems/Cartography Lab, the Spatial Environmental Lab, and the university’s weather station. As such, you can gain in-depth knowledge about cartography and related fields of study so that you graduate in Bachelor of Arts in Geography, GIS, and cartographer concentration.

University of California Los Angeles

UCLA is well-known for its variety of fields of study, and it includes cartography amongst its courses. This university is ranked as one of the best national universities, while the undergraduate and graduate programs in geography and cartography are one of the best. Overall, UCLA provides interactive courses in which students gain standard knowledge about geography and cartography. But this is followed by real-life activities and experiments, which are more than useful for mastering such skills. And the best part about UCLA’s programs is that it offers its students the possibility of using and understanding the best geographic information systems.

Boston University

Located just a few miles away from Transworld Systems offices in Cambridge, Boston University is less known for its programs of study in geography. But if you take a closer look at their curriculum, you will discover there are plenty of undergraduates and graduate environmental science degrees that can help you get a deeper understanding of the surrounding world. You can choose from several areas of study, including geographical sciences and cartography. And the best part about joining Boston University is that this department offers international internships.

University of Wisconsin (UW) in Madison

And if you are looking for an educational institution that cherished the cartography, the University of Wisconsin in Madison is the go-to place for you. They have an interesting project revolving around the History of cartography, and they even shared with the public a book series revolving around this topic. Hence, joining the UW will get you the chance to graduate in Cartography and GIS, Geography, or even get a Masters Degree or Ph.D. in Cartography and GIS.

So, these are some of the top higher education institutions that get you the chance to discover and studying cartography. Indeed, not many students enroll in such programs, but we can say that this is a rather unique and appealing opportunity to change the world. You will get the chance to understand our environment and how it changed through the course of history. And the best part about it is that you can even contribute to the evolution of cartography in the future.